May 28, 2009

my new project

for the past weeks, i have been searching for inspiration. my blogs have been running from fine to okay lately because the lack thereof, and i really want to change and improve that fine-to-okay status. loida has been telling me about this 365 days photo project a long time ago, but i kind of ignored it, thinking that it might not suit me well.

my jampacked itineraries has contributed in my not being able to see the good little things around. and because as i said, i need inspiration, i really think that this project will help me a lot. two of my friends have been doing this already, aira and loida. and i want to become part of it; not because in a way, it is cool, but because i believe that i can find miracles even in the tiniest things i freeze in imagery. i really, strongly think that this will give me the spark my soul needs.

i will embark in this new little project after my short vaca. wish me luck!

visit this site if you want to know about the 365 days project: