May 4, 2009

plushie XD

My day began fairly banal but ended up jolly and quite meaningful :)

I went early, actually a lot earlier than I thought, to school to attend to matters with regards my schooling. I was being passed from one counter to another to verify some things, but as it happens, I was asked to come back two days after. It didn’t get to me though, as the day promised a sunny outlook.

Because my business in school didn’t take much more than an hour, I decided to head back to the pad and check my mail and my cyberspace accounts. After hours or so of lounging in front of the computer, completely immersed in both logical and illogical time killers, I decided to take my brunch. Fast forward to the next forty-five minutes or so, Chavs sent me a message asking me to join them at this local coffee shop in I.T. Park. So as not to be dramatically late, I compressed my hour of exercise into 30 minutes. Yes, you read it right, I’ve just started exercising as a result of being a bit fed up with the “OMG I can’t believe you’re fat already” comments. I’m trying to keep up with this tradition-in-the-making though.

When I arrived, both Chavs and Elle were in their scrubs. The reason for my being there (also Elle’s) was this: we have to help the other with his data tallying. I helped, well, a little. I screwed up twice, thereby repeating everything. Elle on the other hand did 75% of the task. It was all good fun, like giving me a treat --- I realized I needed to go out and smell the air of the outside world more frequently than what I thought I deserve. Everyone deserves a break, even in between the hustle and bustle of a mixture of backlogs, deadlines and blunders. We all are worthy of claiming a little sense and balance amidst chaos.

My sister and I exchanged messages and later that afternoon found myself sitting in front of her while she awaited for her turn to see the EENT.

Manel : The nurse in my duty this morning was so arrogant. She nagged and needled my ears off when the bottom line of her flighty mood was just for me to pay for what I discarded. I acted all out proper because I acknowledge the fact that I am there to be helped. She knew it was my first time of exposure in that institution and in that area. And to think, it was just over some cheap, little needle. She could’ve said her point without haranguing me.

Me : *deeply annoyed* Totally inexcusable. What kind of ethics and professionalism does she have? Why is she acting in that way anyway when her salary won’t be touched? Lucky you’re not like other students who would talk back. Because if you were, you would’ve told her that our parents are in the medical field, let alone Pa is both an IM and a surgeon. So basically we know how much it costs and can replace it with as many needles as she likes. It would’ve slapped her and shut her up.

Reality check. Today’s students are tomorrow’s colleagues. Therefore, those already ripe in the profession have no right to neither demean nor harangue students because these students might be better than them. What’s more, they started out as what, mere students too. And besides, the relationship is reciprocal. Students don’t go to school for free, they pay to learn. Especially in the medical and paramedical courses, a relatively high price is being paid for. Conversely, nurses in affiliated institutions have some share with the fee students are paying, hence they are paid to guide, supervise and teach the students. It is simple math, but some people wrongly estimate themselves, thus making this simple math null.


In the name of oblivion and a sort-of selective retrograde amnesia.

*Mobile phone ringing* I received an unexpected text message from my statistician.

GF : Ms. Maico, I haven’t received any e-mail with your data yet. My e-mail address is this …

Me : Oh crap, oh crap *getting a little panicky* … *suddenly realizing the awful truth* … I sent the e-mail to another address. This is humiliating! To think it was me who annoyed him that I sent my data already.

Oh no, I’m afraid I sent it to someone else’s mail. I’m very sorry sir. I’ll send it first thing in the morning. I really am very sorry, and thanks for the notice, sir.

GF : Okay lang

Me : Okay … chill, chill. You saved the contents to be e-mailed in your stolen-from-Mum USB … Now, where’s that USB? … ?! ... *awful truth dawning again* … Oh shoot, I left it in … darn.

Ha-ha. Have you ever had experiences where you keep on budging people just to vent your trivial ‘achievement’ and it turns out there’s nothing there to show firstly? Haay. It’s one of those days. It’s awkward, right? Annoying yet charming. I can’t believe this happened to me … AGAIN :)

Suddenly my consistency is of a plushie LOL ;p