May 8, 2009

seeing happiness ...

how many times in a day do we think of ourselves?

when things don't go the way we want them to,
when we think that our life sucks,
why do we always envy those we think who have more?
... those whose lives go the way we would've wanted ours to be,
... those who live in a fanstasy land,
... those whose luck never run out.

philosophically, it's just how man's brain works. negativity is normal. but really, just because it is to be expected of us, just because we've been dealt with this certain hand of fate (and luck), it doesn't mean we have to sink with it too. it doesn't mean we're not capable of rising from the ashes of misfortune.

my teacher back in college told me, "when you feel that the world has turned its back on you, turn around and take a good look ... maybe you've turned your back on it first." and this same teacher also said, "no matter how things turn out, always look at the glass half-full, you will realize that even at your state, you still have more than other people out there. looking at the glass hlaf-full, that is humility."

true enough, altough we experience humongous problems, still there are those whose problems are greater than our own.

life is unfair. sure there are people who can shop, travel and relax all day and all week but still their savings accounts remain unscathed, and what money we have won't even amount to their day's worth of expenditures. yes, life is unfair, BUT, there are also those whose lives are way less luxurious than ours. those who are more unprivileged than us that to them, the lives we live is luxury already.

indeed, there's a lot to be thankful for.

i'd like to share a little something that my facebook friend, my namesake, posted.

Most often than not, I try to keep my attitude positive. Even if things are
going a little out of track, still I strive to maintain that optimistic smile
and keep the positive vibes in me flowing. It is one thing to be happy about
doing the things you love, and another about being happy when all of the things
fit just perfectly right in the end after all the hassle and
mini-disappointments.But one thing that really makes my heart happy, though it’s
just an incy-winsy-teeny-weenie thing that I didn’t notice until recently that I
happen to be doing sometimes, is the feeling of self-confidence and happiness
that I give to some people. I may have not really noticed it, but to my
surprise, in my own little ways, I have made those people happy, self-content,
and made them realize that they are the best versions of themselves.It feels
great knowing that you bring happiness to people, even just a little. After all,
matud pa nila sa bisaya, bahalag ginagmay basta kanunay.Bahalag saging, basta
labing. XD

thank you, icon jen ;p

i am thankful for the life i live, what i have and what i don't. the little things in my life are more than enough to be thankful for :)

happiness does not mean that everything is perfect, it means that you have learned to look beyond the imperfections life offers.

when life hands you lemons, make some lemonade!

be happy! ;p


my previous post stirred some of the people i know. people have been sending me messages, asking how i am and et cetera. they thought i was "broken hearted", that the previous post referred to me. it's amusing and entertaining, hehe.

first of, i am not referring to my self nor a very recent personal experience in the blog that i wrote. i have been single for quite a long time now, and believe me, i love every bit of it as it was a choice --- a choice i definitely did not regret. when i broke up with my ex, it was a mature decicion, i wanted to be an astronaut --- i needed more space (hehe). no matter how selfish this may sound my reason was, more space for me and "me time". secondly, a friend and i talked and rationalized her recent circumstance snd the fruit of it was very good. hence the inspiration for the blog. therefore, the previous blog is neither about me nor my experience :)