Jun 20, 2009

one side of objectivism

On a still Saturday night, i thought ...

Numerous times have we heard of people’s standard measurements of what is normal. Many have tried to explain the concept of normality and what is held acceptable under its umbrella. But the only hard-earned truth I have learned on the subject is this: what is normal for one person may not hold accurate for others.

Recently, I have been told by my father of an “abnormal” trait I have. I guess it was the first time my parents openly pointed out one of the many character abnormalities I possess. The incident was kind of funny; I sensed pure honesty watching them as they silently asked themselves where I got my peculiarities from, while disbelieving the truth that they could not see through my odd manners.

For instance, when all the girls in my high school graduating class scrambled all over the place in preparation for the graduation ball, I held and showed no interest for the event. My parents forced me to pay for the fee, gave all the nice reasons why I should go, but I didn’t budge – not a bit. They wanted me to go, but I did not want to go for the plain reason that I didn’t want to go. On the day of, they sat me down and gave a big word on the importance of the occasion. They knew I listened but they knew I wouldn’t change my mind. They asked me why, and the only reason I could give them was a simple: ‘Because I honestly do not want to go’.

My friends and my family cannot fully understand why I do certain things. But I guess from the many circumstances where I displayed inconceivable acts and motives, they have learned to just understand without neither throwing questions nor bothering to demand explanations.

This is what makes every person unique. Because even if we find people we are alike in so many ways, even if we find people who are our clones or we are a clone of, there exist bits and parts that make us strange –-- different, one from the other. This is the mark that is solely ours, the distinction that we are, indeed, one of a kind. The only variety is our conscious and or unconscious efforts as to what degree we like our meter set for public awareness. Some set it to a degree where they can show the world just who they are, while some are afraid or just not comfortable with revealing their skin, hence they become part of a following herd.

Individualism vs. collectivism is a philosophical theme not all people fully understand, not even I. Individualism is simply being your self and expressing yourself in whatever manner there is. Only that crude selfishness and egotism springs from its roots. Collectivism on the other hand is a lot like uncritical egalitarianism. The crusade for absolute conformity and equality. The good rests in its aim for fair treatment; the iniquitous resides in its struggle for everyone to be alike, devoid of achievement and or excellence.

The reality and its density. Some lie to themselves, thinking that they are being who they are; however, ignorant of the bandwagon they are shaping themselves after. Some simply reveal their color, too true to themselves to the point of becoming insensitive of any offense given just as long as the integrity of such freedom is preserved. Such is the complexity of the matter. The battle a person faces between the extreme ideals of the contexts can either lead to blind understanding or absolute precision of self-knowledge.

Does one have to pick a side? It depends on what one believes and wants to believe in.

I appreciate people who standout for being themselves. For staying true to their individuality sans fearing or even thinking about the kind of welcome society might hand. Conversely, the people who keep their identity by acquiring the qualities of others they would like to make part of their own. But I salute those who are who they truly are while staying completely attuned with the world; moving and existing in harmony with everybody else --- people who are part of the whole just as they remain honest to their being.

My friends are scattered out and about in the various clubs and pubs. Invites to this and that flooded, I know I would have tremendous fun outside. I declined every single one. Why? Just so. For no exact conscious reason at all --- just so.