Jun 27, 2009

uyyy boys over flowers ;p

i was watching entertainment live awhile ago. in the show's segment called "OMG", they shared i think two facts about lee min ho's character, jun pyo, in the seriously big asian series, boys over flowers. bianca and mariel, my current favorite young female hosts, couldn't hide their kilig as they gushed and sort-of squea-ed while sharing the facts. luis appeared ... bored --- there's really no other word for what i saw --- or maybe he really was bored because everyone concentrated on the interesting and seemingly juicy news leaving him unattended on his corner of the table, hehehe.

from the huge manga series hana yori dango, to meteor garden to boys over flowers, people really can't get their hands off the story even if several adaptations have been made. and every adaptation have become colossal hits. so why do people go gaga? here are some of my reasons, which i think are the same with the many fans out there.

1) the story is undeniably kilig. it has all the factors that make a series interesting, gripping and ... have i said kilig?

2) the male lead characters both in boys over flowers and in meteor garden, have you noticed, are all regally good-looking and talented. they're like the asian human counterpart of edward cullen x 4. guys girls would definitely love to marry. just plain yummy :)

3) the wardrobe, cars, houses and etc are to die for ... hehehehehe

4) it's something people don't get used to. as what i've said, every version that came out have become a huge success. i think, no matter how many adaptations are made of the manga, people will welcome, love and will go crazy over it. but, honestly, if a pinoy version would be made, i think it will flop. hehehehe, sorry, i'm just being honest. for me, pinoys are more suited for and are better with original series and movies. i don't exactly know why i feel that way, basta my stand is: pinoy artists = dapat orig.

and last but never the least ...

5) it's simply addicting :)

love the mania that is boys over flowers. love it!