Jun 12, 2009


and i am so back in the game :)

i am back and although there were tons of things i wasn't able to do or accomplsh at home, i can say that my objective of getting away from the stressors in this city was met.

right now, i can't wait for my duty at the mental facility. so excited that as early as this morning, right after breakfast, i prepared my "duty" bag and started reviewing the stuff all psychiatric nurses should know. i am very much thankful to be part of the country's working force. i feel that with this start, more than a truckload of learning awaits me - and this learning will help me improve my craft. that with this start, my life is about to make the turn that will define my future in the arena i have chosen. and that with this beginning, the difference i want to make is just at arms length.

and even if there is a thing or two holding me back from pursuing my dreams, i know i can reach the stars --- i know because God is very generous. and besides, i have my angels surrounding me, giving me luck *wink*.

some random stuff:

>>> i am in dire need of good books. i've run out of books to read, and sadly, since i got back i wasn't able to do my very often trips to bookstores. how i miss the atmosphere and aura i get when i'm surrounded with hundreds and thousands of those lovely things. most especially, i miss the thrill and fun as i hop from one shelf to another, in search of a good read. if parents leave their children to playhouses when they need to go somewhere in the mall sans the screaming and demands of their hyperactive offsprings, you can leave me in a bookstore and trust that when you return, i will be there, still with unfinished business to wrap-up.

>>> all the news about rob pattinson and kristen stewart being in a relationship, like the other robsten fans out there, thrilled and once again transformed me into the giddy schoolgirl that i am everytime i get kilig. there's no denying their chemistry and sexual tension, i mean, they're hot together. really. whether all this buzz is true or not, i'm just happy they make girls squee, hehe. but wouldn't it be totally lovely if they were together for real? hehehehe

>>> new moon, the second book in the twilight saga, is about to hit theaters. loida and i can't wait to watch! she's coming here on nov. 20th, seriously! chris weitz is a good director and everybody's working twice, thrice as hard, hence i know new moon would drive every twilight fan wanting for more.

      >>> i haven't started my 365 days photo project yet. but i promise to work on it. i will. really. there'll be pictures as soon as i take and get the chance to download them :)

      >>> went to an appoinment with the dentist to replace my power-Os. rain fell hard, then all of a sudden the lights went off, no generator in the building. dang. fortunately there were only three brackets left, thank heavens. the extraction of my first molar had to be postponed --- both a good and bad thing. bad because my agony will be prolonged. and a good thing because no matter how tough and game i am in the exterior, deep down i am scared of the procedure, hahaha. stomache, headache, dysmenorrhea --- name it, i can accept all the prostaglandins produced --- no, seriously. but when you say toothache, or any ache that has something to do with the oral cavity, that's another story hehehe. yeah, do you notice how even just a toothache can be your achilles' heel? some guy friends, marco in particular, even admitted that they can't hardly endure the experience of a toothache.

      >>> i cannot wait to talk to my bestfriend. truth is, i've had no one to really have sincere talks and irreverent, sarcastic humor since she decided to stay in the OC a few months back. sure, there's the cellphone, i can text or phone her whenever i want. but, phonecalls are a whole lot different from conversing with the person in the flesh, right? and besides, i'm not really someone who's industrious enough to register in the unlimited promos as i don't text that much, hehehehe.

      allow me to rant about this matter:

      i really dislike people who front, especially a whopping 100% or 85-90% the least. in a past blog, i've mentioned how facebook quizzes give me and my friends a whale of a time, because they really do, right? now there's this one quiz in living social (also in facebook) where you have to name your top 5 filipino street foods. lo and behold, this person of mine --- someone known by people as a katkat, or a social climber --- answered: krispy kremes, caviar, gelatissimo and other totally NOT FILIPINO STREET FOODS.

      was it done on purpose? duh, of course, when you answer the top 5 things thingy on facebook living social, you can see why. apparently, no one can say they were mislead as the font and font size of what kind you are partaking is too big that even my 300-grade eyes without the spectacles can clearly see. i honestly cannot wholly comprehend why people try to effect something that obviously isn't real. i mean, come on, ITS facebook friends let alone ITS friends, know ITS state. why show (or tell) people, friends most especially, something that is way past the boundaries of bluffing and white-lying. i don't get it.


      well, that'll be all for now. ta!