Jun 23, 2009

on a rainy day ...

everyone on morning shift duty - chavi, mabert, maria and me - enjoyed pizza and cola, treats from rica, whose full name i will not divulge as it is a sort-of sensitive matter. yesterday was rica's nth birthday. happy, happy birthday acir! though i know you are unlikely to read this, hehe. also, thank you so much for the very yummy food. happy birthday! live and enjoy life to the fullest, even if things get crappy at times :)

i went inside a nearby internet cafe to see what my sister was doing there. a girl who was renting the computer near where i was standing was laughing by herself. the sight was pretty odd. would anyone in their right mind laugh alone in public? so anyway, i got curious. but because i didn't bring my glasses with me and seeing what she was doing was an impossibility, i went to sit on a chair just behind her. i had to eavesdrop to confirm my suspicion. and behold, i was right. she was chatting with some old foreign men. multi-tasking. but because she seemed annoyed with my presence known in the background since i was caught on cam, i decided to just stand up and leave. i still can't belive why some people really go through desperate measures just to meet their desperate needs. and to think of it, the 'needs' cannot be classified as desperate, let alone, worthy to be coined with the word 'need'.

although i am pretty much settled with my work as a volunteer psychiatric nurse, i admit, i really need an income-generating job. i have been sending out resumes to some institutions that might need my papers and services, but still nada. it seems as if my bag is running out of luck and i need a refill. it's funny because i feel that if i earn, i am duly rightful to claim the full independence i have tried to snatch for so long from the people i call my parents hehehehe.

rainy days and mondays always get me down - not. curling in a very comfy bed with fluffy pillows and a good book to read as i hear the rain pouring outside my window is a day i've always looked forward to. sorry, but i love rainy days --- forks, washington style. and today, to make everything lovelier, i said hello to my slice of chocolate mousse - hello and welcome, chocolate mousse, it's so great to see you.

rain + comfy bed and fluffy pillows + good book + chocolate mousse = pure joy.

enjoy the nice, rainy weather everyone! again, it's not that bad :)