Jul 15, 2009


i don't even know why i bother writing this.

lately, i have been too lazy to check any of my cyberspace accounts, let alone blog. i haven't even started posting random pictures for my 365 days photo project, as i have promised. boohoo. my usual preoccupations other than going online are still the same, nothing has really changed. i go on duty and have fun, i attend my classes and get bored and sometimes irritated when i'm constantly pestered by selected individuals, i hang out with friends --- eat, drink and sometimes party, i shop, i read, i still write on my journal and set aside several hours in a week for daydreaming. all but surfing the net remain. it's one of those days, when i'm constantly out, living, neither caring nor thinking about my life in cyberspace. just plain living, like the internet never existed.

because of my love for indie films and music, reading and oftentimes weird choices, a friend recently coined the term "socially withdrawn" to describe one part of my personality. this same friend also used the term to describe another friend of ours whom i share the same likes and choices. "to each his own," they say hehehehe. in our duty, there's this patient that everyone loves. he's old and refuses to use his false teeth. he's like everyone's grandpa. some of the people in my team shared to him our name-calling banter. and after a while, he joined, calling us "luth" and "bith" hehehehehe.

anyway, next week, there will be a french film festival, and my friends and i are definitely going. only a few people appreciate the art, hence the theaters are not expected to be full, which is a plus hahaha. one film event of which movies i am really itching to watch is the sundance festival. this year, maria and i are so looking forward to "500 days of summer" (joseph gordon levitt and zoe deschanel). because of the possibility that we might not get to see the movie on the week of, we are planning to hold our own version of the film fest. well, it will just be a movie marathon --- all the sundance entries we love, including the german movie adaptation of the book "let the right one in". at the moment, we are still waiting for the actual festival to partake so that we can download the films of our choice. i am so excited.

right now, i am waiting for the one employment prospect to push through. fingers crossed still.