Jul 2, 2009

boredom rants

i am bored. and i know i am not alone in this solitude. whoever shares the same sentiments with me, here's to that enemy we really can't escape.

i really want to work five days a week, but no, i can't. as of the moment, i can only dedicate a day for work and two days for school. i haven't a fulltime job; well, i am waiting for the pushing through and finalization of that. i can not do anything but wait for just a few more months. and when that arrives, i'll be as busy as a bee. so, in a week, i only spend three days for whatever it is that keeps me busy. just three days. it gets pretty boring and sometimes the tedium rises to itch like hell, an itching some antifungi can't annihilate. that's what i'm experiencing right now.

i was trying to follow significant people's advices, to blog only about good, nice things. but i'm having a hard time following them, as you might've noticed. thing is, when i want to say something, i say it; and conversely, when i don't, i really do not. they say ranting isn't proper nor lady-like. but for whatever rule of etiquette there is against ranting, i say: to err is human.

just like every person, i too have various things and etceteras my entire brain is and gets fixated to. whenever i am engrossed on something, for some reason, i anticipate, look forward, get excited and, you know, just get giddy about everything. but of course not all things turn out the way we wanted them to be. matters as such halts my glee and somehow take some life from me. sudden and sad; like a soap airing on its last episode when all of a sudden the entire city is having a black-out. sudden, frustrating, sad. the light in me wanes, and boredom squeezes its way in.

one lesson i have learned today: it's no secret that the world isn't perfect, and for certain, it will never be.

the good thing about today is, even if i am swallowed by tedium, i learned something.