Jul 16, 2009

how was harry?

chaves and i were given invites to the harry potter and the half-blood prince block-off screening ... thanks again rey! going to my main point, how was the movie? you may ask. the movie was okay, it didn't have the oomph that washed over me as i read the book. of course no one could be blamed. when we read, we make what we want to make of it. when a movie adaptation of a book is made, there is no guarantee that our version of the characters, the series of events and how everything would look like would be exactly the same as that of the vision the movie-makers had in mind. but it was good. as rey said, "to each his/her own, let's leave it at that."

earlier this week, i learned that even people expected to be mature can give-off lame reasons when asked to justify certain acts and decisions.

i learned that impulse, or the submission to it, only generates headaches ... even in shopping.

and i also learned that smoking is life's cigarette. quit it! nicorette gums and nicotine patches help.

passion fish at bigby's is a very good craving crusher. go get one when you're having PMS and you don't really want to eat and gain a few extra pounds. believe me.

when your date takes you out to dinner or lunch at cyma, keep your eyes very open. their food can make you fall for your date ... and i mean it with every pun intended LOL ;p (peace, m!)

i'm recently craving for the city bakery's (3rd west 18th street, nyc) black bottom and several of their mouth-watering delights. but where to get one close to theirs here? hhhmmmm ...

it's the seasonal sale i've been waiting for for several months now, and i want to shop. but no, i can't, and why is that? it's because i'm at the verge of becoming broke. another end-of-the-month syndrome. i'm just glad i still have cash for several days' worth of eat-outs, cab fare and a little something for miscellaneous and emergency situations.

i am caught in between giving up and charging for more. i feel that i need to exert more effort to get what i want and make things happen. yet, i feel that whatever colossal effort i hand-out, i still wouldn't get to the foot of the pedestal i have long set my eyes on. frustrating. thank God for friends, and of course, family.

my bag needs a refill on luck, anyone? LOL

have a good day everyone! ;p

p.s. a happy, happy birthday to my dear friend, ARIANNE RAE!!!