Jul 22, 2009

think about it!

July 15, 2009

Of all things flippant, a human being who doesn’t seem to have any ounce of responsibility left in his system is something and someone I greatly detest.

Everyone possesses the ability to lie, and everyone has politician tendencies --- the audacity of wearing a saintly face until time would exhume the foul facts hidden by the soul beneath the mask. Everyone is inclined. We all have weaknesses and we are all subjected to the frailties of human nature. But deliberately ruining chance after chance is sheer stupidity and imprudence already. And people encouraging such act by acting as blinkers are much more obtuse than what they think they already are.

Almost all kids and young to middle adults of today have a very vague sense of what their parents are going thru just to meet whatever standard there is of a well-provided household. They think that it’s okay for them to transform into a professional slacker because there are people who care and are capable of cleaning up their mess. They think that no matter how grave the blows and insults they throw at their parents, they’d still be given the chance every prodigal is given. It’s okay and it’s but normal; family always forgives, always grants chances. But what makes this notion awfully wrong is the undeniable truth that some think that it’s alright to be rash and immature and not try to be better because they can be forgiven again and again, mistake after another mistake. The ending: they cease to grow. The repulsive and irritating part of the story is the people who allow themselves to become accomplices. The people, who, instead of taking part in teaching the lesson, take part in covering the wrongs --- and they think they’re doing the right thing.

It’s a tiring act to help awaken these people’s consciences. To be in a thrown existence where you have a share in relentlessly beating the bullwhip of reality in the hopes of annihilating whatever delusion there is residing in their brains is exhausting. You are doing them a favor, yet they do not realize that it is not for some selfish personal ends, it is but for them and their future. You are trying to help give them a shot at a good tomorrow, but they refuse to think of tomorrow because they are allured with how they should live for today.

I just wish that more would open their eyes and become aware of reality --- that we are not in a la-la fantasy utopia. Living for the moment is not bad, just as long as you keep a sharp eye at the future.

Satisfaction today, sacrifice tomorrow. Sacrifice today, satisfaction tomorrow.