Aug 30, 2009

what i hate about reading

the one thing i hate about my reading obsession is that i get the feeling of gloom whenever i don't get to buy new books immediately after i've devoured my recent purchases. i buy books, usually three, twice a month. and those three, for some reason, i manage to gobble in two weeks or less.

earlier today, that usual murkiness i am afflicted with when i don't get to read kicked in. at the moment, i am low on dough, but my weakness overpowered me. i seemed so helpless, that i couldn't quite figure out a way to halt my act. so off to the bookstores i went to rake their shelves and look for page-turners and bestsellers. after an hour or so of leaping from one bookstore to another, i went back to the pad grappling a small bag of books in one hand and hiding a distraught wallet in the other.

i just could not fairly understand, for the life of me, why, i am not able to quell and defeat this Achilles' heel. and it dawned on me that this passion is an expensive one, well maybe not that much, but it certainly is.

my parents have instilled the value of "less for self, more for others, enough for all" in us. and with how i am spending my money, considering the population of our poverty-stricken brothers and sisters, it seems like i'm committing a crime already.

it's a consumer-driven world. i need to take control, and i will.

Aug 29, 2009

fictional finalism

"if i was dreaming, you'd see me, i'd be understood ..." (dreaming by aurora)

today, i delivered my report on alfred adler's individual psychology and inferiority complex. i prepared my outline for the topic weeks before, yet i never got the chance to really read it. i made the basic groundworks, but with all the time i had left to study for it, i opted to go out and live the life i have outside my profession and academics. hence, the outcome of this morning's endeavor was half-baked. but oh well, i tried. and at least, everyone seemed to understand what i was blabbing about the entire duration of my stay behind the podium. as proof of this claim, when i was done, they shared experiences and examples about the contexts of my report --- a clear manifestation of understanding, and i couldn't have hoped for more. anyway, i provided my audience with notes for them to read and re-read at home.

although my report focuses on the inferiority complex, i got hooked on the concept of fictional finalism. for those not in the know, fictional finalism simply states that people act as much from the "as if" as they do from reality. whatever the subconscious mind accepts as true, it acts as if it is true whether it is or not. when one imagines tasting a lemon, the mouth waters and often one tastes the lemon as if there really was a lemon to lick.

in the primetime television show, the wedding, candice would daydream a lot about her dream wedding. and to make hers the perfect event she fantasized it would be, she would make plans on how things would look and go even if she does not have a fiance, let alone a boyfriend, to start with. this is fictional finalism. one does things under the circumstances of "as if". adler believed that people are motivated more by their expectations of the future.

this kind of thinking --- wishful thinking that is, is something we could all relate to in every satirical manner imaginable. we all have a crazy side to us. and sometimes, maybe because of desperation, we tend to think of and plan things as if they were true. when someone comes close, as dictated by our female nature, we are disposed to give interpretation to every move he makes and dissect and look for the golden clue hidden somewhere in between the lines he delivers. funny but true, most often, this female curse gives us flickers of hope at the very first sight of a "positive" sign. and as time would go by, these flickers would escalate to full-blown fantasies. then, we would find ourselves dreaming of a relationship that we think, wish and pray would materialize while clutching to the phrase, "i hope this is it". ahh, the perks of nurturing incredible admiration towards a fine specie of the opposite gender.

what i love about going to school, aside from getting jolts of electricity whenever i see my crush, is the lifetime worth of learning. every moment i sit inside the classroom is another wonderful learning experience i am privileged to be given, and i am very thankful for that.

Aug 27, 2009

quashing qualms

i rummaged my brain for something "nice" to post. this move with only one purpose: to avoid shame when people check the contents of this blog. but after a while, i stopped. i realized there's no need.

i started blogging around the year 2004 and ever since, the blogsites i owned were more than two. i had no know-how in any html thingy that would allow me to make themes for my site, so i would make a new one after a month or so of posting stuff in the other. i just delighted in the fact that with every blog, i was able to express myself and share my stories in different motifs. unfortunately, there came a time when i stopped blogging. i got so busy and engrossed with a lot of things --- balancing my life with my academics and the extras that came with it actually. so, when i came back to pick up the blogs i left behind, i realized that with my "new beginning", i should discard my past blogs and therefore make a new one. i proceeded to make this blog after learning a thing or two with basic html.

the "pressure" i feel from everyone who read my posts, i think, come from the expectations i get back when i was still connected to our college publication. and boy was i in a lot of pressure back then.

this blog was created for the intent that i have my own personal journal in cyberspace. an outlet for me to be able to channel out and share a little bit of my life with the people i know and those who know me.

this is my own space. this is me. i write to the tune of the beating of my own drum, not to others'. so, why should i be ashamed? =)

Aug 22, 2009

alcohol, flu, movies

it's a saturday night. i want to go out but i can't. i'm still sick from recent events this week.

thursday. it was formo's (a local club) 4th anniversary. maria, ayeenda and i decided to go there. i tagged loida; rey and cj came an hour or so after. after formo, we went to this new place --- a zen-style pub where marielle and colin were already there. kaiser, missy and steve also went. kaiser had just arrived from taipei and went straight to formo with missy and steve. they were at formo but we didn't see each other.

free food and drinks. because it was their anniversary, formo gave out free glasses of mojitos to guests. ayi, maria, loida and i had 5 glasses. aside from that, we had 2 additional pitchers of mojitos. at the zen pub, we drank a bottle and a half of this new vodka drink. free because someone was very generous that night to pay for the food and drinks we devoured. thank you very much! =)

went home around 3-4 in the morning!

ending: a few got drunk --- i'm proud to be not part of this group, and others woke up with a nasty headache. i was one of the latter. but the thing with me apart from the headache was the flu.

friday. i woke up at 10 in the morning. ate brunch and went to the dentist with my siblings. after which, we paid the nearest mall a visit to run some errands and do a little grocery. i was feeling ill the entire day. when we came back, i drank a strong coffee (even with an ample amount of alcohol still in my system) and took flu meds. you know what the lovely result of that combination is, hehe!

the repercussion of that act: i was not able to attend my classes earlier. the flu stayed, but the severe headache went away, thank God.

it's a saturday night and though i want to go out (a few invites came), i can't. i need to rest and recharge.

the morale of the story: never ever, under any circumstances, drink strong coffee let alone drink any medicine when there's still a lot of alcohol in your blood. i tell that to my friends now =)

so anyway, aside from the time traveler's wife, here are trailers (only the first one is official) of two movies my friends and i are looking forward to. has given good reviews to both. enjoy!

500 days of summer. this is an indie film, an official entry to the sundance film festival later this year. it's a story of boy meets girl, boys falls in love, girl doesn't. it's a fun movie!

let the right one in. this a swedish movie adaptation of the german novel. the story is great, not your typical vampire tale. (if this won't work, please go to any search engine and search for this movie, thank you!)

Aug 21, 2009

heart-warming :)

the time traveler's wife.

love the book. excited to watch the movie.

the spark and the magic of the book still astounds me. the kind that's really my cup of tea :)

i'd like to share the official trailer of the movie. the way the production staff put it together, plus the emotion of the song "broken" by lifehouse made the feel totally, undeniably heart-warming. in truth, the first time i saw it, it made me and my friend go, "awwww" ... enjoy watching everyone! :)

you can visit the official website of the movie here.

Aug 19, 2009

status updates

i am a bit bored at the moment. certain things have been lingering in my mind lately so i decided, what better, productive way to trash tedium but blog. nothing beats untimely juggling out --- even just a little --- of those creative juices while you are in a state of mental blah-ness, hehe!

here are some of those thoughts. status updates of sorts.

icon wants to travel, travel, travel. even at my age, i am not dismissed to travel alone; well actually, it really depends on my destination and some other factors. i know, they're just concerned, very. and it's fine with me, really. maybe if i get a stable job with really good pay, they'll allow me. i would really love to go places i've never been to and experience, learn and discover more culture. i want to trot the globe, see places and meet faces. how nice it would be if i have all the luxury to.

icon likes japanese food. i'm not a fan of japanese food, but the other day, a friend and i went inside a japanese resto to satisfy her craving for california maki. i think i'm hooked because since then, i've been looking forward to our sushi-and-sashimi-platter plan.

icon wants to buy more books. it's no secret that i'm a voracious reader. with every book that i'm interested in, i devour it right then and there. i want to buy new reads, but at the moment, i have no extra dough to shop for 'em. it's another end-of-the-month syndrome, but oh well, it'll pass.

icon misses enjoying coffee. i've had my usual dose of caffeine earlier. i don't miss coffee; i don't. i just miss enjoying it. the fun conversation you have when you're at a coffeeshop, killing time and making memorable exchanges with friends. i miss it a lot. because my friends and i are slowly making our way into the working world, we don't have time to sit down and talk over cups of coffee anymore. nowadays, we only have coffee, period. we don't really get to savor the bonding it gives. i miss that.

icon is pining for unhealthy sugar. i don't really have a sweet tooth, but when i crave for cholates, cakes and pastries, i don't stop until i feed myself with, hehe! maybe tomorrow i'll grab one. i can't help it, sorry :)


okay, i'm sleepy now. i'm going to bed and maybe even dream about the contents of this post. good night and sweet dreams everyone! :)

icon is going to bed, haha! :)

Aug 15, 2009

bring it all back

I was singing while taking a shower yesterday when I realized that the song I was singing contained the basic necessities everyone should pack in their life survival kits. The song was popularized many years ago by the group, S Club 7. It was, I think, their first single --- “Bring It All Back”. Line by line, I will try to dissect why they should go in everyone’s life aid kit.

“Hold on to what you try to be, your individuality”. With all the many influences this modern world offers, we should know who we really are and what we want. In short, we should be ourselves. We may associate ourselves to the different styles imposed by society, but the most important thing is for us not to be corrupted by these various modes and manners. Yes, naturally, we can be and are swayed; however, our persona should always remain.

“When the world is on your shoulders, just smile and let it go”. No human being is exempted from bearing problems. We are all endowed with them, ranging from different sizes and degrees. Yes, yes, they have all the ability to wear and tear us down, but let us always remember that there are problems greater than our own. Smiling and letting them go is the right thing to do, I mean, how can you solve your hitches when you are swallowed by them right? We all have problems, the only thing that sets us apart from one another is how we face and tackle them.

“If people try to put you down, just walk on by don’t turn around … you only have to answer to yourself”. Sounds awfully familiar? Society is not only filled with things and circumstances that can give us joy, it is also home to many that can cause psychological and emotional detriment. Every day, we are surrounded with individuals who either want to see us happy or the other way around. The key is, when we know we fought a clean fight, when we know we took nothing from any, when we are guiltless because we didn’t harm or hurt anyone, then there’s no reason for us to answer to the people around us. Souls with crab mentality are always going to be present and we should not allow them to crumble our spirit. Because if we do, we are no less like them --- wallowing in misery while tending to other people’s gardens thus forgetting our own. In a previous blog, I shared the story of the pencil. Pencils write beautifully when they are sharpened.

“Don’t stop, never give up. Hold your head high and reach top. Let the world see what you have got; bring it all back to you. Dream of falling in love, everything you’ve been thinking of, when the world seems to get too tough; bring it all back to you.”

“Try not to worry ‘bout a thing, enjoy the good times life can bring.” Life is too short to waste it by being unhappy. When life hands us lemons, let’s make lemonade! The world will not stop if we are in our woe-is-me mode. We just have to make the most out of things.

“Imagination is the key, ‘cause you are your own destiny.” We’d be surprised with where a little imagination can take us. We are captains of our ship; therefore, we are in control of the direction we are going. We are the only ones who can make what we want happen; other people can’t do that for us.

Well, that’s all folks. I’m in a bit of a hurry so I can’t make any flourished ending to this post, hehe! ‘Til next time, ta!

Aug 14, 2009


I wonder how my live would be right now if I went to Med school. Maybe that’ll be a question I’ll have to ask myself for the remainder of my life. Or … no one really knows, maybe I’ll still make it there in the future.

I have always believed that I’d make a good doctor. I always have. For some unknown reason, I’ve continuously thought that being a doctor would be the perfect career for me. With how things are going in my life right now, I’m still unsure if being a nurse is my true calling. Even with my on-going doctorate studies, I still can’t make-up my mind if being a nurse is what I want and if I can certainly live with it. Call me ungrateful or whatever you christen this particular thinking of mine, but it’s just how I really feel at the moment.

Yet until now, every time I see Medical interns, let alone doctors, I’d still feel that flicker of twinge I have felt ever since I found out that I just couldn’t be in Med school and follow that dream. I still have not wholly accepted the unexplained reality that no matter how hard I paddle myself towards that road, the heavens would defy my willpower and eventually lead me to where I am right now. A clear index of how some things in life simply just stir in mystery.

“Destiny is only for losers --- it’s just a lame excuse for letting things happen, instead of making them happen.” I have been an uprooted follower of this belief; I’ve said it a lot of times to myself, and to numerous friends. I wasn’t someone who’d allow certain things to occur just like that. I was always one to challenge and defy gravity until I’ve proven myself victor of my conquest. But what has, and is still happening in my career sojourn at the moment is a detour I have yet to fathom.

Sometimes, things happen. And no matter how someone like me, a destiny non-believer, would contest what I want with what is in store for me, I would not end triumphant. They say that waging opposition against fate would never guarantee the challenger glory. I never believed in that, maybe I do now.

An old foreign saying said “Maktub” --- “it is written”. It stipulates that everything that has, is and will happen to every person’s life has been written in the hands of time, even long before we were born. Maybe I’ll find the heart to never question it again … someday.

My friend, Maria, once told me, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your future plans.” Maybe that’s how she reduced “maktub” to make it appear less complex and serious. You’d be surprised with the rare wisdom some of our seemingly insane friends can give us.

Oh well, when things do and do not happen … life.

Aug 9, 2009

dinner @ tara's

my sister and i decided to eat dinner at tara's, a local resto with good food. without any delay, here are some of pictures that i took before we devoured food.
i think i need not write long etceteras. the food is simply good :P

enjoy the food porn! :)

my sister's ridiculously tall mango smoothie. she loved it! said it tasted like the mango shake of one of our favorite fine dining restos.

say hello to my mouthwatering carbonara :)

tara's baby back ribs, my sister's dinner. we both love the serving and of course, the taste.

my sugar-free vanilla flavoured milk. the taste was a surprise, it was really, really good! :P

to combat her impending hypoglycemia, my sister ordered this lovely brownie.


at affordable prices, you can enjoy sumptuous meals (and drinks) here at tara's cafe! :)
you'll enjoy the warm ambiance and available reading materials. plus, their customer service really brings out customer delight! the crew is very friendly you'd want to enjoy their company again and again.

tara's is located at andres abellana, with the other branch at the walk, IT park.

have a yummy evening folks! :)

Aug 8, 2009

my advocacies

my parents have been Gawad Kalinga supporters and workers ever since i was in high school. GK builds was one of our bonding sessions. now, they're GK project directors already.
growing up, they have taught us the value of: "less for self, more for others, enough for all." because of such inculcation, my siblings and i try to make a very conscious effort to help others and look at things, separating the needs from the wants. i am very proud of this.
just lately, we have become patronizers of gandang kalikasan products. it's hitting three birds with one stone: they're organic, so you are able to take of yourself; very affordable, so you can save money; and, proceeds go to the support of GK, so you help others. and i tell you, the products are really good and effective.
my favorites are the lotions: cocoa butter, goat's milk and mango and the cocoa butter, goat's milk and guava, in particular; the mandarin and eucalyptus solid perfume, the hairfall shampoo (lemon grass and pearl beads), the lemon grass massage oil, the hair mask and the hand and foot salve. my mom especially loves their line of body butters and lotions. they're all really good! and i'm not saying that because i'm a GK supporter, but because they work and are really affordable! i'm not one to advertise and recommend products that i do not use and are not effective.
i am now a proud member of the ako mismo org! it's good to know that a lot of pinoys, young adults in particular, give their share of being and wanting to become good citizens.
be proud to be pinoy, i certainly am!

one fine afternoon

my dory provencal and light coffee caramel
(it's dory provencal since they used the dory fish)

usually, when i go out alone, it's because i have things in my mind. but today, for no special reason at all, i allowed myself to have my fill of the beautiful day. went out around lunch time and gave myself a 5-minute walk around random places in the university belt. i know that by that time, the sunlight is already damaging. but that 5-minutes felt good. i wasn't irritated with the sting of the afternoon heat.

i bumped with al at the medicine building ground floor. we chatted for a while. he told me what he's up to at the moment --- being a full-time medicine student, which is good because it took him almost two years to finally decide the pursuit. i also found out that he and junnel, the son of my godparents, are classmates. al's also participating in the upcoming siglakas, in the flag football team in particular. which means there's gonna be a big chance that he and my sister will battle against each other, since noelle is also playing for her college.

i headed to SM after that and got myself a new pair of havaianas, of which i'm very proud of. i badly need new high slippers since i'm always wearing them to class. shoes and sandals are pretty bit uncomfortable, i don't know exactly why. maybe i just want my tootsies to breathe.
i'm excited for next week's "make your own havaianas" (MYOH), because the theme's all about Filipino pride. i reckon my sister, who is a huge fan of MYOH events, will be going. but because i do not have the patience to wait in line for more or less 5 hours, and i really want to have my personalized Pilipinas havas, i'm planning to ask my sister if she could buy mine, i'll just give her my money. of course that comes with a huge bribe, hehe!

SM department store is one of my favorite cheap shopping places. the clothes there are affordable and very stylish, with good quality too. i decided to visit to see if i could get myself a couple of dresses for less. it turns out that some of their stocks are on sale, i was delighted! i scoured the place looking for stylish, simple and functional pieces and i got myself two dresses for the price of one! also, i bought several hankies as i always get mine lost. with the clothes i got and the money i spent to purchase them, i felt joy. really, it's difficult to find yourself good, nice dresses which cost less nowadays.

right now i'm at a coffee shop for lunch. enjoying my light coffee caramel and dora provencal, which is really good. just across the room, there's this guy with a lovely MAC and a bad mohawk. i simply think it looks bad on him. oh well. again, "to each his/her own."

later, i'm hearing mass at a church near where my siblings and i are staying. it's first saturday, and saturdays is Mama Mary's day. i'll also ask Her to interecede my career prospects. there's 2 pending actually, i hope and pray that they will both push through.

every day is a good day. we just need to look at the horizon and see the possibilities to make ours a fun-filled one, alone or with the company of others. have a great day everyone! :P

Aug 6, 2009

reliving the lost days

My trip was cancelled, so I have to take the first one tomorrow with mama. The day looked as if it was promising me tedium, so I messaged my best friend right away to inform her of my extended stay and to hang out with her as well --- something we have not done in ages.

The Fhang Festival

I finally met up with Loida and gained a new friend, Jojo, also a nurse at ODH. This afternoon, we had frappuccino, double chocolate chip cake and black forest cake. Then ate early dinner --- sizzling treats --- at Dadaz and finally ended the night ordering siomai with rice + cola. I couldn’t complain about our resto and food choices, as they were all surprisingly good. Believe me or not, even if I’ve lived half my life in this humble city, I truly haven’t gone to the places where the locals usually go out to chill. The only redeeming thing about the food fest is the pitcher of strawberry margarita the three of us shared. It was good too! This was also another surprise. Kudos to my friend Jecjec and her husband Junjun, for Dadaz’ yummy grub and heavenly cocktail mixes. It’s a relief to have a calorie-burner amidst what seems to be a prisoner’s last meal. Hehe! But what the heck, we don’t get to eat like that every day, especially with each other. After the amusing ordeal, my tummy felt quite sick. Indeed it proved it was when I arrived home, only a bit though.

A Hangdog Revelation

From my senior year in high school up until I was a freshie in college, I had this titanic crush on a schoolmate I haven’t even spoken to. Then, I was not even sure if he knew of my blatant existence. All I knew of was the unexplainable heart-racing and pounding whenever I’d see him. In college though, we went to different schools and only saw each other once. But even at that, I still fostered the same irrational feeling of admiration for him. It’s pathetic, I know. But it’s the whole truth of the story. Ever since that one meeting and until now, our paths have never crossed.

Lately, an unexpected occurrence had our “fate” intertwine again, indirectly though. Lo and behold, he knows me. He and Loida talked shortly about me sometime two months ago. She even told him of those colossal, unabashed emotions I had for him, on my cue of course.

Fast forward to dinner a while ago. When Jojo found out about him, he laughed so hard and even jabbed a big question mark in the air to ask me the shortest but hardest question, “Why?” of course I couldn’t come up of a good enough rational explanation, let alone a simple answer to the question. Jojo was quizzing me about what possible trait I saw in him that lead to the major crush, all I could say was, “I don’t know.” For someone who hasn’t had a chance of speaking to “J”, Jojo would want to assume I was attracted physically. But no, he couldn’t bring himself to believe that because “J” isn’t really that much of a good-looking guy. When Jojo asked me how I saw “J” on the outside, I said, “Well, he’s a bit cute.” Jojo couldn’t believe what I had said. To verify things, we opened a person’s cyberspace account and from there, looked at the several photos of “J”. Indeed, Jojo wasn’t wrong about his incredulity.

What’s The Lesson?

Mine was a case of blind attraction. Not in the sense that I refuse to see the person’s vileness because of the strong admiration I have for him. But blind, in every literal sense of the word --- I didn’t even know why I had a big crush on him from the start. And imagine, it lasted for two years. Maybe it was a rare case of the clich├ęd saying, “To each his/her own”.

The morale of the story: irrational things, and feelings, have the strong ability to wash your proper judgment; be cautious all the time and never let it hit that high note in you --- learn to control and see things from a different perspective.

Moreover …

What do you exactly do when someone who truly annoys you writes on your wall? I know I have my human frailties with me even if I try hard to be a good person, but what if you just can’t stand this person’s presence, what would you do? People know I am transparent and I have poor theatrics, so to avoid is my better option. But would that be good?

This is fairly a common dilemma we all face. Not all have the audacity to pull a face and pretend. Some sham genuineness until they reach true sincerity. But for someone like me, the best move is to be just civil and polite. No more, no less. I think that would be enough. If the person continues to pester further, wave a stick and whack him/her away, hehe!

Aug 4, 2009

awful truth

Ate Caycay and I chika-ed at Tita Carol’s office late this afternoon. The abused subject of “love” came up, and so I shared, of course. All the chika dawned an epiphany on me: that that part of my life almost always comes out a failure. I strongly feel it’s because of the timing, as it seems to be forever and a day wrong. I mean, when I happen to really like someone, it’s either he’s not available or he stays stuck in the friend zone. Or, when someone does get close, I’m not that into him. I don’t exactly know why, but it just goes that way for me, hopefully at least just for now. Even if I’m a little cynic, I don’t plan and intend to live the tedium-full life that of a spinster. I honestly, honestly don’t.

I took advantage of the wi-fi in the office while continuing that provoking chat with Ate Cay. I opened one of my cyberspace accounts and unconsciously checked the profile of that particular person whom I secretly have a crush on. He’d pass my criteria of a perfect guy: expressive eyes, bright smile, lovely vocabulary and diction, smart and decent … except for one --- he’s taken! And I don’t think he’ll ever be unattached to the lucky girl. I even think he’s marrying her! Just thinking about it makes me want to give-up this quest to find the nearest acceptable prospect. Haaay, for chrissakes, I hope the old saying yet remains true, that there are a lot of fishes in the sea. Yes, yes, there are; but some of them are gay and others are either married, getting there or just complete a**holes. I fervently hope someone defies what I just blurted. Sometimes I think I really need a boyfriend, but conversely there are times when I feel that having one would be just a humongous mistake (for now) and an extra pain in the ass. I don’t want to fall on either side of the pole. Who’d want to be overdosed? Right, no one --- truly detrimental.

The downside of constantly thinking about that person is taking its toll on me. I’d find myself staring blankly at particularly nothing, lost in the fantasies of us as each other’s significant person. It’s silly, I know. But that’s what’s lingering in my head for the time being. I badly need diversional activities, just something that can steal every bit of gross attention my unconscious is in possession.

I’m going back hours from now, and I’m finally, finally going to meet the Dean for that career potential. I want to believe that it will be it. Even if it’s just part-time, it’ll do me all the best for the moment. God knows how bored and incompetent I feel what with the colossal free time I have. It’s morphing me into a professional bum. I wish that my top 2 applications will be a success. Fingers crossed still.

Is it 1 am yet? I absolutely lost track of the time, maybe it’s the coffee. I’ve been an insomniac lately and I know I really need to reset my biological clock. The good thing about being one per se is that I can do the things I haven’t done during the day, what’s sad is when I get up real early and feeling tired is how I jumpstart the day.

Aug 3, 2009

goodbye and thank you, president cory

Thank you ...

For claiming and giving the country back its democracy

For re-establishing and strengthening the goverment immediately after you picked it up from the ruins of dictatorship

For making us proud to be Filipinos and Catholics

For reminding us the beauty of prayer

For being true example of excellent motherhood

For showing us that humility, sincerity and honesty can remain in politics

For sharing with us your husband, the great Sen. Ninoy

For loving not only your family, but the country and its people as well

Thank you ...

i was born in the year 1987. if it weren't for Ninoy and her, my life wouldn't be the same. i wouldn't be able to live the kind of life i am having and really enjoying now. today, i am saying goodbye and "thank you" to my favorite Filipino president, Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino.

farewell and THANK YOU, president cory. we will miss you.

Aug 1, 2009