Aug 15, 2009

bring it all back

I was singing while taking a shower yesterday when I realized that the song I was singing contained the basic necessities everyone should pack in their life survival kits. The song was popularized many years ago by the group, S Club 7. It was, I think, their first single --- “Bring It All Back”. Line by line, I will try to dissect why they should go in everyone’s life aid kit.

“Hold on to what you try to be, your individuality”. With all the many influences this modern world offers, we should know who we really are and what we want. In short, we should be ourselves. We may associate ourselves to the different styles imposed by society, but the most important thing is for us not to be corrupted by these various modes and manners. Yes, naturally, we can be and are swayed; however, our persona should always remain.

“When the world is on your shoulders, just smile and let it go”. No human being is exempted from bearing problems. We are all endowed with them, ranging from different sizes and degrees. Yes, yes, they have all the ability to wear and tear us down, but let us always remember that there are problems greater than our own. Smiling and letting them go is the right thing to do, I mean, how can you solve your hitches when you are swallowed by them right? We all have problems, the only thing that sets us apart from one another is how we face and tackle them.

“If people try to put you down, just walk on by don’t turn around … you only have to answer to yourself”. Sounds awfully familiar? Society is not only filled with things and circumstances that can give us joy, it is also home to many that can cause psychological and emotional detriment. Every day, we are surrounded with individuals who either want to see us happy or the other way around. The key is, when we know we fought a clean fight, when we know we took nothing from any, when we are guiltless because we didn’t harm or hurt anyone, then there’s no reason for us to answer to the people around us. Souls with crab mentality are always going to be present and we should not allow them to crumble our spirit. Because if we do, we are no less like them --- wallowing in misery while tending to other people’s gardens thus forgetting our own. In a previous blog, I shared the story of the pencil. Pencils write beautifully when they are sharpened.

“Don’t stop, never give up. Hold your head high and reach top. Let the world see what you have got; bring it all back to you. Dream of falling in love, everything you’ve been thinking of, when the world seems to get too tough; bring it all back to you.”

“Try not to worry ‘bout a thing, enjoy the good times life can bring.” Life is too short to waste it by being unhappy. When life hands us lemons, let’s make lemonade! The world will not stop if we are in our woe-is-me mode. We just have to make the most out of things.

“Imagination is the key, ‘cause you are your own destiny.” We’d be surprised with where a little imagination can take us. We are captains of our ship; therefore, we are in control of the direction we are going. We are the only ones who can make what we want happen; other people can’t do that for us.

Well, that’s all folks. I’m in a bit of a hurry so I can’t make any flourished ending to this post, hehe! ‘Til next time, ta!