Aug 9, 2009

dinner @ tara's

my sister and i decided to eat dinner at tara's, a local resto with good food. without any delay, here are some of pictures that i took before we devoured food.
i think i need not write long etceteras. the food is simply good :P

enjoy the food porn! :)

my sister's ridiculously tall mango smoothie. she loved it! said it tasted like the mango shake of one of our favorite fine dining restos.

say hello to my mouthwatering carbonara :)

tara's baby back ribs, my sister's dinner. we both love the serving and of course, the taste.

my sugar-free vanilla flavoured milk. the taste was a surprise, it was really, really good! :P

to combat her impending hypoglycemia, my sister ordered this lovely brownie.


at affordable prices, you can enjoy sumptuous meals (and drinks) here at tara's cafe! :)
you'll enjoy the warm ambiance and available reading materials. plus, their customer service really brings out customer delight! the crew is very friendly you'd want to enjoy their company again and again.

tara's is located at andres abellana, with the other branch at the walk, IT park.

have a yummy evening folks! :)