Aug 29, 2009

fictional finalism

"if i was dreaming, you'd see me, i'd be understood ..." (dreaming by aurora)

today, i delivered my report on alfred adler's individual psychology and inferiority complex. i prepared my outline for the topic weeks before, yet i never got the chance to really read it. i made the basic groundworks, but with all the time i had left to study for it, i opted to go out and live the life i have outside my profession and academics. hence, the outcome of this morning's endeavor was half-baked. but oh well, i tried. and at least, everyone seemed to understand what i was blabbing about the entire duration of my stay behind the podium. as proof of this claim, when i was done, they shared experiences and examples about the contexts of my report --- a clear manifestation of understanding, and i couldn't have hoped for more. anyway, i provided my audience with notes for them to read and re-read at home.

although my report focuses on the inferiority complex, i got hooked on the concept of fictional finalism. for those not in the know, fictional finalism simply states that people act as much from the "as if" as they do from reality. whatever the subconscious mind accepts as true, it acts as if it is true whether it is or not. when one imagines tasting a lemon, the mouth waters and often one tastes the lemon as if there really was a lemon to lick.

in the primetime television show, the wedding, candice would daydream a lot about her dream wedding. and to make hers the perfect event she fantasized it would be, she would make plans on how things would look and go even if she does not have a fiance, let alone a boyfriend, to start with. this is fictional finalism. one does things under the circumstances of "as if". adler believed that people are motivated more by their expectations of the future.

this kind of thinking --- wishful thinking that is, is something we could all relate to in every satirical manner imaginable. we all have a crazy side to us. and sometimes, maybe because of desperation, we tend to think of and plan things as if they were true. when someone comes close, as dictated by our female nature, we are disposed to give interpretation to every move he makes and dissect and look for the golden clue hidden somewhere in between the lines he delivers. funny but true, most often, this female curse gives us flickers of hope at the very first sight of a "positive" sign. and as time would go by, these flickers would escalate to full-blown fantasies. then, we would find ourselves dreaming of a relationship that we think, wish and pray would materialize while clutching to the phrase, "i hope this is it". ahh, the perks of nurturing incredible admiration towards a fine specie of the opposite gender.

what i love about going to school, aside from getting jolts of electricity whenever i see my crush, is the lifetime worth of learning. every moment i sit inside the classroom is another wonderful learning experience i am privileged to be given, and i am very thankful for that.