Aug 3, 2009

goodbye and thank you, president cory

Thank you ...

For claiming and giving the country back its democracy

For re-establishing and strengthening the goverment immediately after you picked it up from the ruins of dictatorship

For making us proud to be Filipinos and Catholics

For reminding us the beauty of prayer

For being true example of excellent motherhood

For showing us that humility, sincerity and honesty can remain in politics

For sharing with us your husband, the great Sen. Ninoy

For loving not only your family, but the country and its people as well

Thank you ...

i was born in the year 1987. if it weren't for Ninoy and her, my life wouldn't be the same. i wouldn't be able to live the kind of life i am having and really enjoying now. today, i am saying goodbye and "thank you" to my favorite Filipino president, Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino.

farewell and THANK YOU, president cory. we will miss you.