Aug 22, 2009

alcohol, flu, movies

it's a saturday night. i want to go out but i can't. i'm still sick from recent events this week.

thursday. it was formo's (a local club) 4th anniversary. maria, ayeenda and i decided to go there. i tagged loida; rey and cj came an hour or so after. after formo, we went to this new place --- a zen-style pub where marielle and colin were already there. kaiser, missy and steve also went. kaiser had just arrived from taipei and went straight to formo with missy and steve. they were at formo but we didn't see each other.

free food and drinks. because it was their anniversary, formo gave out free glasses of mojitos to guests. ayi, maria, loida and i had 5 glasses. aside from that, we had 2 additional pitchers of mojitos. at the zen pub, we drank a bottle and a half of this new vodka drink. free because someone was very generous that night to pay for the food and drinks we devoured. thank you very much! =)

went home around 3-4 in the morning!

ending: a few got drunk --- i'm proud to be not part of this group, and others woke up with a nasty headache. i was one of the latter. but the thing with me apart from the headache was the flu.

friday. i woke up at 10 in the morning. ate brunch and went to the dentist with my siblings. after which, we paid the nearest mall a visit to run some errands and do a little grocery. i was feeling ill the entire day. when we came back, i drank a strong coffee (even with an ample amount of alcohol still in my system) and took flu meds. you know what the lovely result of that combination is, hehe!

the repercussion of that act: i was not able to attend my classes earlier. the flu stayed, but the severe headache went away, thank God.

it's a saturday night and though i want to go out (a few invites came), i can't. i need to rest and recharge.

the morale of the story: never ever, under any circumstances, drink strong coffee let alone drink any medicine when there's still a lot of alcohol in your blood. i tell that to my friends now =)

so anyway, aside from the time traveler's wife, here are trailers (only the first one is official) of two movies my friends and i are looking forward to. has given good reviews to both. enjoy!

500 days of summer. this is an indie film, an official entry to the sundance film festival later this year. it's a story of boy meets girl, boys falls in love, girl doesn't. it's a fun movie!

let the right one in. this a swedish movie adaptation of the german novel. the story is great, not your typical vampire tale. (if this won't work, please go to any search engine and search for this movie, thank you!)