Aug 8, 2009

my advocacies

my parents have been Gawad Kalinga supporters and workers ever since i was in high school. GK builds was one of our bonding sessions. now, they're GK project directors already.
growing up, they have taught us the value of: "less for self, more for others, enough for all." because of such inculcation, my siblings and i try to make a very conscious effort to help others and look at things, separating the needs from the wants. i am very proud of this.
just lately, we have become patronizers of gandang kalikasan products. it's hitting three birds with one stone: they're organic, so you are able to take of yourself; very affordable, so you can save money; and, proceeds go to the support of GK, so you help others. and i tell you, the products are really good and effective.
my favorites are the lotions: cocoa butter, goat's milk and mango and the cocoa butter, goat's milk and guava, in particular; the mandarin and eucalyptus solid perfume, the hairfall shampoo (lemon grass and pearl beads), the lemon grass massage oil, the hair mask and the hand and foot salve. my mom especially loves their line of body butters and lotions. they're all really good! and i'm not saying that because i'm a GK supporter, but because they work and are really affordable! i'm not one to advertise and recommend products that i do not use and are not effective.
i am now a proud member of the ako mismo org! it's good to know that a lot of pinoys, young adults in particular, give their share of being and wanting to become good citizens.
be proud to be pinoy, i certainly am!