Aug 8, 2009

one fine afternoon

my dory provencal and light coffee caramel
(it's dory provencal since they used the dory fish)

usually, when i go out alone, it's because i have things in my mind. but today, for no special reason at all, i allowed myself to have my fill of the beautiful day. went out around lunch time and gave myself a 5-minute walk around random places in the university belt. i know that by that time, the sunlight is already damaging. but that 5-minutes felt good. i wasn't irritated with the sting of the afternoon heat.

i bumped with al at the medicine building ground floor. we chatted for a while. he told me what he's up to at the moment --- being a full-time medicine student, which is good because it took him almost two years to finally decide the pursuit. i also found out that he and junnel, the son of my godparents, are classmates. al's also participating in the upcoming siglakas, in the flag football team in particular. which means there's gonna be a big chance that he and my sister will battle against each other, since noelle is also playing for her college.

i headed to SM after that and got myself a new pair of havaianas, of which i'm very proud of. i badly need new high slippers since i'm always wearing them to class. shoes and sandals are pretty bit uncomfortable, i don't know exactly why. maybe i just want my tootsies to breathe.
i'm excited for next week's "make your own havaianas" (MYOH), because the theme's all about Filipino pride. i reckon my sister, who is a huge fan of MYOH events, will be going. but because i do not have the patience to wait in line for more or less 5 hours, and i really want to have my personalized Pilipinas havas, i'm planning to ask my sister if she could buy mine, i'll just give her my money. of course that comes with a huge bribe, hehe!

SM department store is one of my favorite cheap shopping places. the clothes there are affordable and very stylish, with good quality too. i decided to visit to see if i could get myself a couple of dresses for less. it turns out that some of their stocks are on sale, i was delighted! i scoured the place looking for stylish, simple and functional pieces and i got myself two dresses for the price of one! also, i bought several hankies as i always get mine lost. with the clothes i got and the money i spent to purchase them, i felt joy. really, it's difficult to find yourself good, nice dresses which cost less nowadays.

right now i'm at a coffee shop for lunch. enjoying my light coffee caramel and dora provencal, which is really good. just across the room, there's this guy with a lovely MAC and a bad mohawk. i simply think it looks bad on him. oh well. again, "to each his/her own."

later, i'm hearing mass at a church near where my siblings and i are staying. it's first saturday, and saturdays is Mama Mary's day. i'll also ask Her to interecede my career prospects. there's 2 pending actually, i hope and pray that they will both push through.

every day is a good day. we just need to look at the horizon and see the possibilities to make ours a fun-filled one, alone or with the company of others. have a great day everyone! :P