Aug 27, 2009

quashing qualms

i rummaged my brain for something "nice" to post. this move with only one purpose: to avoid shame when people check the contents of this blog. but after a while, i stopped. i realized there's no need.

i started blogging around the year 2004 and ever since, the blogsites i owned were more than two. i had no know-how in any html thingy that would allow me to make themes for my site, so i would make a new one after a month or so of posting stuff in the other. i just delighted in the fact that with every blog, i was able to express myself and share my stories in different motifs. unfortunately, there came a time when i stopped blogging. i got so busy and engrossed with a lot of things --- balancing my life with my academics and the extras that came with it actually. so, when i came back to pick up the blogs i left behind, i realized that with my "new beginning", i should discard my past blogs and therefore make a new one. i proceeded to make this blog after learning a thing or two with basic html.

the "pressure" i feel from everyone who read my posts, i think, come from the expectations i get back when i was still connected to our college publication. and boy was i in a lot of pressure back then.

this blog was created for the intent that i have my own personal journal in cyberspace. an outlet for me to be able to channel out and share a little bit of my life with the people i know and those who know me.

this is my own space. this is me. i write to the tune of the beating of my own drum, not to others'. so, why should i be ashamed? =)