Aug 19, 2009

status updates

i am a bit bored at the moment. certain things have been lingering in my mind lately so i decided, what better, productive way to trash tedium but blog. nothing beats untimely juggling out --- even just a little --- of those creative juices while you are in a state of mental blah-ness, hehe!

here are some of those thoughts. status updates of sorts.

icon wants to travel, travel, travel. even at my age, i am not dismissed to travel alone; well actually, it really depends on my destination and some other factors. i know, they're just concerned, very. and it's fine with me, really. maybe if i get a stable job with really good pay, they'll allow me. i would really love to go places i've never been to and experience, learn and discover more culture. i want to trot the globe, see places and meet faces. how nice it would be if i have all the luxury to.

icon likes japanese food. i'm not a fan of japanese food, but the other day, a friend and i went inside a japanese resto to satisfy her craving for california maki. i think i'm hooked because since then, i've been looking forward to our sushi-and-sashimi-platter plan.

icon wants to buy more books. it's no secret that i'm a voracious reader. with every book that i'm interested in, i devour it right then and there. i want to buy new reads, but at the moment, i have no extra dough to shop for 'em. it's another end-of-the-month syndrome, but oh well, it'll pass.

icon misses enjoying coffee. i've had my usual dose of caffeine earlier. i don't miss coffee; i don't. i just miss enjoying it. the fun conversation you have when you're at a coffeeshop, killing time and making memorable exchanges with friends. i miss it a lot. because my friends and i are slowly making our way into the working world, we don't have time to sit down and talk over cups of coffee anymore. nowadays, we only have coffee, period. we don't really get to savor the bonding it gives. i miss that.

icon is pining for unhealthy sugar. i don't really have a sweet tooth, but when i crave for cholates, cakes and pastries, i don't stop until i feed myself with, hehe! maybe tomorrow i'll grab one. i can't help it, sorry :)


okay, i'm sleepy now. i'm going to bed and maybe even dream about the contents of this post. good night and sweet dreams everyone! :)

icon is going to bed, haha! :)