Aug 30, 2009

what i hate about reading

the one thing i hate about my reading obsession is that i get the feeling of gloom whenever i don't get to buy new books immediately after i've devoured my recent purchases. i buy books, usually three, twice a month. and those three, for some reason, i manage to gobble in two weeks or less.

earlier today, that usual murkiness i am afflicted with when i don't get to read kicked in. at the moment, i am low on dough, but my weakness overpowered me. i seemed so helpless, that i couldn't quite figure out a way to halt my act. so off to the bookstores i went to rake their shelves and look for page-turners and bestsellers. after an hour or so of leaping from one bookstore to another, i went back to the pad grappling a small bag of books in one hand and hiding a distraught wallet in the other.

i just could not fairly understand, for the life of me, why, i am not able to quell and defeat this Achilles' heel. and it dawned on me that this passion is an expensive one, well maybe not that much, but it certainly is.

my parents have instilled the value of "less for self, more for others, enough for all" in us. and with how i am spending my money, considering the population of our poverty-stricken brothers and sisters, it seems like i'm committing a crime already.

it's a consumer-driven world. i need to take control, and i will.