Sep 10, 2009

maria's words of wisdom

this is maria's book of answers

after duty, maria and i had coffee with ayi. we were talking about several random things when opinions on the movie "tainted veil" came around. maria and i regaled a synopsis of sorts since ayi has not seen the movie. this is how the conversation went when we were almost at the end of the topic:

ayi (while listening to me talking): are you crying?

me: no, why?

ayi: your eyes look teary

me: really? i'm not crying

maria: no. but you're unconsciously crying

*we burst into laughter*

recalling a messaging exchange between ayi and maria ...

ayi: maybe i'll wear a jacket, i feel cold ... i don't know why

maria: because you're alone

i still can't stop laughing. i am writing this while laughing in between.
oh, the things you pick-up from maria's declarations and book of wisdom ... full of wisdom and hidden truth, hehehehe =)))