Sep 2, 2009

si manong driver

father visited for a few hours before his connecting trip today. the food we ordered for delivery arrived very late, so i had to buy dinner so he could eat before he would check-in for the trip. he bustled away after eating, forgetting the shoes that he pulled out from his bag when he arrived. he had to call me to bring it to him.

i was fortunate enough to get in a cab of which driver was courteous and talkative. he was also generous enough to offer his cab after i hand pa his shoes. on the way back to the pad, we chatted some more. he shared stories of his trips when he was still a young lad, and he told me about his one-time visit to my hometown. he was pretty old but not grumpy. he's the kind of cab driver i wish the other cab drivers out there would be like.

i've met different kinds of cab drivers. some would refuse to convey me to my destination. some would needle about the distance, as if it wasn't their job and i wouldn't be paying the fare. others would use another, much faraway route for me to pay extra. and a few would tweak their meters for it to run a little faster. some are not polite, and some don't give you your change. there are a variety of them the unlikable lot, that sometimes i can't help but give them a piece of me. and it makes me wonder, why are they complaining about a life only they have control of? if they're not happy with what they're doing, why not explore other career options? i'm sure there're a lot. because it is their job to transport, they should be civil enough to show their gratitude for the people willing to pay for their services --- i mean, they are getting paid, it's not like what they're doing is for free.

i had a bob ong book that stratified drivers, both cab and jeepney. like mr. bob and i, i'm sure you've had your share of unpleasant encounters with drivers. and not only them, but also the many detestable employees and employers out there who make it a point to offend their clients. but this is a world and a life of give and take. no one can take and take, and conversely, no one can just give and give. it doesn't work that way. it's always a two-way communication, the other never gets any further than a few steps. let us always remember that in everything we do, we get something in return for whatever it is that we give.

let's take out cue from the very genial and pleasant manong driver.


i'd like to greet my adorable and cuddly nephew,