Oct 25, 2009

(500) Days of Summer, a must-see!

I have seen the movie a week before it was released in Philippine cinemas, much thanks to the wonders of streaming. Haha, yes, I cheated. Sorry. I just couldn't wait to watch the movie that when a friend told me I could stream it at this website, well, you already know what happens next when I get giddy.

So there I was that night, eyes glued to the monitor of my laptop, all ears and all senses in full attention to the awesome movie that is (500) Days of Summer.

For now, I will not write a review about thereof since my siblings and a lot of my friends have not seen the movie yet, and I'm planning to watch it again with them. But just to quash my need to recount and blab about the seemingly larger than life experience I had during that night where my body's need for sleep has become a subject unheard of, here are 10 random reasons why you should definitely watch the movie.

1) It is undeniably not your formulaic love story. The title itself connotes that Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Summer's (Zooey Deschanel) 'relationship' is bounded with a cutoff date.

2) The movie's tagline : "This is a story of boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn't." gives a play in the audience's mind, "Not a happy ever after?" So you wonder what really transpired between two individuals who look as if they were the happiest, perfect couple you ever saw.

3) As I mentioned in #1, this is not your hackneyed tale of love. But as the story unfolds, you begin to witness and realize that, you know, even things that the doctor has prescribed sometimes may not suit you. Nevertheless, there's always that better, if not best, drug for you.

4) Aside from the many lessons you learn, the movie is presented in a very witty way. As Rotten Tomatoes put it, "A clever, offbeat romantic comedy". By the way, this group of film critics gave (500) Days of Summer a rating of 88%.

5) Summer never believed in true love and does not want a boyfriend. Conversely, Tom did not share the same creed. So to the guys and the other people, male and female alike, who can't seem to understand girls like Summer --- girls like me --- this probably could open your eyes to twig this preference that make us 'different' in a society where most females are hopeless romantics.

6) Indie films, local and foreign, are just the best.

7) (500) Days of Summer is rich, entertaining and extraordinarily real.

8) It makes you appreciate the beauty of the other side of love and relationships ... and of course, life.

9) The soundtrack is awesooome.

10) The colors, art and cinematography are very cool. You just have to check it out, photographers, artists and film enthusiasts!

You have got to get your fill of this movie before the year ends! Epic --- the one word that describes the movie and the experience you get from it in a nutshell. Epic! I super love this movie :) (500) Days of Summer, beyond doubt a must-see!