Oct 16, 2009

Berocca --- now I know :)

Why hello, Berocca! :)

So yesterday, I was texting Pa. Threw some questions about this brand of effervescent tabs, Berocca. Someone from Twitter was asking about it. I knew only a little, so I decided to consult my father. When we got to the part of the drug's indications and complications, he asked me, "Why, are you trying to escape a hangover?"

As I said, I knew not much of Berocca. But when Pa said that, I asked help from Wiki to make sure what my Pops meant. I was quite surprised with the spread of information that lay in front of me. Here's what I found out:

>>> It has a rehydrating effect

>>> The amount of sodium is high, so those who are in a low sodium diet should be extra careful

>>> It has loads of Vit B

And what caught my attention ...

Some studies showed ...

>>> Berocca is said to prevent hangovers, when taken before drinking alcohol

>>> It is also said to relieve hangovers :)

God bless Vit B! :D

However ...

>>> Large doses of Vit B, when taken regularly, can cause nerve damage ...
Thus, even if they're good for the body, we should always make that effort to be a little more cautious.

So that was why Pa asked if I was trying to evade a hangover. Thanks for the great help, Pa! Now I know what to do if ever I get a nasty headache from alcohol consumption. Fast relief! :)