Oct 5, 2009

brilliantly heartwarming

I just had to share this with you. This is the latest addition to my list of "Favorite TV Ads".

Ever since, I've only had two (2) favorite TV advertisements. One is the Oreo ad that showed two boys --- brothers. The one where older brother dunked his cookie in his glass of milk; the younger brother who was just watching silently, tried to dip his Oreo in his brother's glass, but the older brother moved the glass away from the poor little boy. So the younger one devised a way to have his share of the "Oreo experience". My other favorite, I posted several months ago since it's not shown here in the Philippines. It was about a dad who danced his little daughter's cheer routine during her series of practice at home. Both were equally cute, fun to watch and contained a lesson or two.

This foreign Pantene commercial is simply tear-jerking. The story of a deaf-mute who wanted to play the violin. Brilliant, heart-warming =).

The message of the commercial is very strong, very moving. I hope this becomes an avenue of reveille and remind us of the many things we should be thankful for. I hope you are inspired, because I ceratinly am =).