Oct 17, 2009

Dear Spider-Man

My friends know better now that Spider-Man is no one in particular. At one point, there was someone in particular, but right now, there’s none.

Here’s something I scribbled in bed while listening to Tegan and Sara, Vampire Weekend and the Dixie Chicks’ version of “Love Don’t Come Easy” when I got sick a few days ago. It sounds very ridiculous, but I want to post this because the writing exercise was tremendous fun and I want to read this someday when I’ve already found my Peter Parker.

Dear Spider-Man,


I don’t know where you are right now, what you’re currently up to and who you’re with. But I’ll continue to wait for you.

I have no idea who you might be or how you would look like, all I’m praying is that I be given the Peter Parker who deserves his Mary Jane and vice versa.

Eerie as it may sound, the waiting does not get me impatient, I don’t know why hehehe.

You might be with Gwen right now and that’s okay. I’ll still wait. After all, it was her everyone thought you’d end up with. And I think, without her, without her help, you won’t be able to realize that all you ever needed was in someone named Mary Jane.

I can’t hurry you. You’ll just come, you’ll just surprise me.

I just have to wait. I’ll wait.

When the right time comes, surprise me.

Mary Jane


I'm silly, I know hehehehe ... I've regressed into a 14 year-old hehehe =D
That was fun! :D