Oct 22, 2009

On Weddings

A significant number of friends are getting married. :)

Just this evening, I found out that Philip and Dawn are engaged.WOW.

When the two lovebirds arrived for Jom’s birthday dinner, Dawn proudly showed her gorgeous ring to everyone. We were all amazed, we couldn’t believe it! To the altar at last! :)

Come November, Aja will tie the knot with her beloved better-half in a location wedding. Sadly, I can’t come due to circumstances I am not in control of.

CJ’s also getting married early next year, January was the schedule. Right now, he and Beth, his fiancee, are dead busy attending to all the preparations. The hassle of staging even just a simple, destination wedding is keeping the soon-to-be-newlyweds super preoccupied.

Rey and Tina will say their vows December of 2011. They will do it in our country, the Philippines. Yes, another location wedding. As early as now, they’re already making baby steps for the groundwork of the big day.

A close friend, Alfie, recently asked my help to organize his proposal. When we talked about his feelings and his plans, and when he showed me the ring, I couldn’t seem to keep myself from giving him a hug. During that entire talk, I felt like it was my brother who was getting married. It was really an “Awww” moment for me.

I thought of all the wedding news and invites I’ve been getting and I noticed that it hasn’t been a week since I talked and posted something about the subject of. It’s a little funny, I’ve been surrounded with weddings, wedding news and invites since the start of this year. I just hope this won’t be a sign that I’m going that direction sooner than planned and expected. Hahahaha. :)

To all my friends who will soon say their vows, CONGRATULATIONS!!! We’re all looking forward to a blessed, blissful marriage … and kids as soon as possible!!! Hehehehe. BEST WISHES!!! :)