Oct 4, 2009

the shirt

Do you see that awesome statement picture just below my 'welcome' text in the sidebar? That is designed by Ateneo alumni and graphic designer, Mark Gosingtian.

What I love about visiting his site is the amount of fun I have whenever I look at his designs and his posts on several cool stuff that he found in the web. If you want to know/experience what I mean, visit his site at markgosingtian.tumblr.com or you can just click here for much more ease.

His famous "Where I'm from, Everyone's a hero" design will now be made into shirts. This shirt will for sure be a much-coveted item. It's a certified must-have I should say! When you purchase the shirt, you'll be hitting two birds with one stone. First of, you'll be gifting yourself --- I need not say more; secondly, a substantial amount will be donated to the victims of Ondoy, which means, not only will you become a proud owner of this lovely "Pinoy Pride" shirt, you'll also be helping! Okay, enough said. Here is what they will look like: