Oct 21, 2009

What Happened To All The Nice Guys?

Yeah, what really happened to them?

I saw this when someone I follow on Twitter tweeted it. The title is very catchy, and being the voracious reader that I am and owning that “always on” bulb of curiosity, something I have to thank my geekiness for, I clicked the link right away. I got sooo curious and who wouldn’t? I mean, I’m constantly asking myself, “What happened to all the nice guys?” and “Where did all the nice guys go?” —- Don’t you?

Sorry fellow ladies, I must say, I totally agree with it!

Whether you like it or not, from a guy’s point of view, everything narrated is exactly true. Just being honest here.

On a personal note, I’ve had my share of that crap girls almost often, consciously or unconsciously, do to a particular guy friend. I’ve been there. Yes, I was also confronted with that awful realization that I contributed to a then-nice-guy-now-asshole’s unbelievable transformation. And yes, it also dawned on me that that nice guy friend of mine was who I needed and his kind is what I really need, not that 'dreamy' jackass of a homo sapien I was dating.

So there you have it, my two cents. Do read every word —- line by line, and of course, REFLECT!

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Enjoy! :)