Nov 30, 2009

Big question

Life in itself is full of mystery. We unveil some of these secrets and sometimes, we go on, living, not even getting close to unraveling them.

I've heard someone say that every 25 million years, people go back to the world, in the form of a new human being. Some even say that every living individual in the world today was someone who once strolled the earth. This matter is wrapped in the context of reincarnation.

While we are in the subject of, I have one question: have you ever had bizarre memories of events, places and just about anything that has got nothing to do with the life and time you are in?

Well, I have. And it's bugging me lately. These flashes aren't irksome, but my curiosity is. My mind has this strong desire to uncover what these memoirs are. I feel like I would gain a broader understanding of my persona if I get a grasp on who I was. I really want to know where and who I am then, but as sorting this matter is quite pricey, not to mention tricky, I'll have to wait. It doesn't matter, just as long as one day I get my answers.

I'm really hoping that I'll get to fathom myself more when the day comes that I discover what they call my "past life" is all about. Nothing will be taken away from me if I believe in this spiritual theme. And besides, there are many whose "past lives" are more manifested than mine. A friend told me that all this is scary. But it's cool. Really.

For a little insight on what I am getting from little increments of those flashes, welcome the pictures.

I'm really in a hurry, so I've got to go now. 'Til then! :)