Nov 13, 2009

Royce' -- Choco love!

Earlier today, Mom (my aunt, I call her Mommy/Mom; I call my mother Mum or Ma) sent me a message asking what brand of chocolates I want for pasalubong. I was still half-asleep when my mobile beeped but when I read her message, I immediately got up. No kidding. So I replied, "Mommy :) Of course ROYCE' ... and you can also buy Patchi chocolates for me :) Thank you, thank you! Mwaaah! ;p" I love, love, love chocolates!!! Super!!!

I can't wait for my pack of Royce' and Patchi (if she does not decide to put me on a diet, hehe!). All this choco love is hyping me up. Sooo excited for the day those Royce' chocolates will land in my hands!