Dec 8, 2009


Today I am 22! Another year for me :)

A lot of things happened and they were all pretty special. First of, my parents and I heard dawn mass. The most important thing of all. Then, a big surprise came. Right after the mass, someone's mom approached and greeted me a happy birthday (with matching 'beso'), she also gave me ang pao! Shocking, surprising and really unexpected. Their family and my family have been friends, but not close. I've never seen Tita in such a long time; I think I last saw her when I was still a high schooler. Her son I last saw during our high school graduation. After that, there was no communication or anything within that scope. I really was pretty amazed at what transpired during that 10-minute event. I never expected such to happen!

Also today: after 22 years of service, the family fridge was allowed to retire. It was bought just 2 days before I was born! It has been serving the family for 22 years --- even after it was slightly damaged after the 1991 flash flood! I salute our fridge, whose brand has been faced out already. Now, it's new shelter is our dirty kitchen. I will miss thee, but I know it needs to claim the long overdue rest it sure deserves.

Mum gave me a very nice gift! I needed it badly! I've also been told that an uncle is due to give me a full volume of this book series, now TV series, I'm following. I'm pretty excited with that! I can't wait to open its package and start reading!

The nuns gave me a miniature statue of St. Therese of the Child Jesus. It may be the sign that I need to do novenas in her honor. Based on my experience, she's one of the saints that answers prayers quickly. Really.

I'm not really fond of celebrating my birthday. Hearing mass and being greeted by the people I hold close to my heart is enough for me. This year was different. My birthday celebration was more of an act of charity. I'm glad I came home for it.

I think this is all for now. I'm really not in the mood to blog at the moment, but since I was reminded that I should not neglect this 'obligation', here I am tapping away on the keyboard, trying to make as decent a post every blogger is bound.

To all those who greeted me on this very special day, THANK YOU SO MUCH! It means a lot to me! :D And to all those who are celebrating the same birthday as I am, a very happy birthday to you! :D