Dec 11, 2009

Climate change alert

I just had to reblog this. I hope we all learn something and make that change this earth and the human race severely call for. :D

Tik Tok Tik Tok


Yesterday, I attended the one of the school talks of Tik Tok Pilipinas at Ateneo. I was kind of disappointed at the small number of people that showed up, most of whom were just from Loyola Film Circle.

Even if the school has implemented a number of environmental friendly policies, such as BYOB, getting rid of styrofoam and disposable containers, the segregation of trash, it’s just within the school. I just know that my fellow Atenistas ,being the elitists bastards we are, just don’t really care about the environment, or how we are all about to die horrible deaths because of our inadequate use of resources and buttfuckery. Look upon yourselves. How many of you drive around in large SUVs by yourself or with your driver just going to school? CARPOOL DAMMIT COMMUTE! etc etc OH WE ARE SO DEAD.

I learned a number of things:

  • Because of our carelessness, we are fucked. We are seriously fucked.
  • Global Warming isn’t the main problem now. Climate Change is. We have fucked up so bad that we caused the climate to actually start changing. Instead of the old, “OH WE ARE MAKING THE EARTH WARMER, WE MIGHT CHANGE THE CLIMATE! IT WILL FUCK US UP!” The weather, literally, is changing, and will fuck us up. We have gone beyond the point of no return.
  • All the carbon emissions we make today last for over 50 years. That greenhouse gas won’t go away til we are most probably old or dead. And we are pretty much going to suffer through the drastic changes throughout our lifetimes. We are so fucked.
  • Things are worse than we think.

It scared the fuck out of me. What exactly are we doing? What the hell are we doing? Why the hell are people ignoring this? We can’t really be as carefree and ignorant with all this shit on the table!

We’ve heard this talk about Global Warming and Climate Change a lot of times before (everyone has seen An Inconvenient Truth, yes?), and yes I started segregating trash, I stopped driving my car, I walk to school mostly, but then they tell me that OKAY WE ARE FUCKED. Climate change is happening. The world is dying.

People. are. dying.

and we are going to die. WE ARE GOING TO DIE. because we are too stubborn to do anything beyond our comfort zone. You can either keep on doing what you are doing and well pretty much kill half the planet, your friends, family, fellow men, and pretty much everything you love.


so here. please, do change.

From the Tik Tok blog

1. Disengage.
This also applies to transformers and voltage regulators. When left plugged or on standby, your home appliances are still using energy – and that’s energy you pay for that benefits no one. Hitting that power button and unplugging your appliances when not in use saves you roughly P2300 a year.

2. Whip out the clothesline.
Forego the clothes dryer and hang your laundry out in the sun to dry instead. Clothes dryers average 1,600 watts of energy per hour, so if you wash and dry your clothes every two weeks, that computes to around P120 slashed off your monthly electric bill.

3. Eat everything on your plate.
Or at least just take, cook or buy only as much food as you can finish. Uneaten food that goes straight to the garbage adds to the trash you produce, and when you reduce food waste you automatically decrease your carbon emissions.

4. Check your tire pressure constantly.
Optimal tire pressure helps your car burn fuel more efficiently. If you own a car and are looking to get more mileage from your vehicle, keeping your tires inflated right hits two birds with one stone – it reduces your carbon emissions while giving you more value for money.

5. Keep a close watch on your air filter.
Score another one for the motorists: replacing or cleaning out your air filters also helps your use your fuel more efficiently. You can have this done along with your tire pressure adjustments whenever you have your oil changed.

6. Better yet, travel on two wheels, or on your own two feet.
Walking or biking beats a fuel efficient vehicle every time. Because neither mode of transport requires the burning of fossil fuels, choosing the heel over the steering wheel is the best way to cut back on carbon while still getting to your destination.

7. The matter of meat.
Most Pinoys love eating meat so much that it’s a non-negotiable, even when it comes to climate advocacy. However, the slightest reduction in meat consumption can still impact your total carbon emission, so for every week, make at least 3 to 5 meals meat-less. Remember, a little effort goes a long way!

8. Spare the pulp.
Rainforests are Mother Nature’s very own carbon dioxide regulating systems. Without their gallant stewardship, we wouldn’t be here today! We need to keep them alive and flourishing if we want to stay in the game. So be it tissue, a note pad, office documents, paper coffee cups, or store paper bags, think twice – there is always an alternative to paper!

9. Lighten up.
You’ve probably deduced by now that the more fuel or energy efficient you are, the less carbon dioxide emissions you make. The same rule stands for lighting – fluorescent bulbs trump incandescent bulbs every time, which is win-win for everyone since it’s both carbon and cost efficient.

10. Shop wisely.
On your grocery or mall run, bring a sizable canvas tote and stash everything you buy inside. This saves you and the businesses you support on plastic bags. This habit not only reduces your waste but also lessens the need for production of problematic plastic.

so please, don’t be twats.

get involved

you’d fuckin reblog about my useless shit but not about me talking about doing something about the environment?