Dec 15, 2009

My Favorite Escape

I like to be alone a lot.

I love to be still --- freeze --- and just live in the moment. For me, getting lost in time, space, silence and tranquility is the best thing to do on a spare time. I have this playlist on my iPod that's pure Second Moon, Yiruma and YoYo Ma. Whenever I play it, I find my self slowly closing my eyes, exiting the current hour and place, and entering a realm of calm and quiet.

Drifting between the two different worlds of imagination and reality is what I constantly do. When the world where good things happen to me suddenly fade and things are blurry and I feel choked with the madness of the real world, or when I simply want to feel the beauty of stillness and serenity and just enjoy the twinkling of the seconds, I perform this version --- my version --- of meditation. With it, I am able to gift my self with an ephemeral subconscious exodus.

Fleeing does not entirely mean wholly abandoning reality. As often as not, it's just getting yourself that pause you need for you to gather the substantial energy necessary to be able to face the everyday and its brass tracks.

When getting ourselves a much needed vacation is impossible, we can always leave the here and now and get back to it after a while. :)