Feb 19, 2010

A boring update

It's very obvious that I have failed to update this blog, and it has occurred to me that I do so even if I am not in the mood to write. Yes, I'm having a very long writers block slash writing break. So anyway ...

I feel that my mind is rotting away because of my lack of reading these past few months. I know I need a new book, but every time I go the bookshop, there's nothing that could somehow feed the intellectual hunger I am suffering from. I've read a few books, but most them were fiction with nothing much to ponder on and exchange opinions with with friends.

Is it me or are bookstores just overflowing with too much fiction and non-fiction leisure books these days? Yes, I do think some non-fiction books are not that meaty, I don't know why. I can't seem to find any interesting titles these days. Or maybe I should go out next week to check if there's anything that could catch my fancy.

In a matter of days, my sister and the rest of the University Debating team, and a few significant others, are traveling to debate for Nationals; they call the whole event PRISAA, though I don't know what it stands for. I would've loved to come, too bad I can't, teehee.

Yesterday afternoon was my teaching demo for the Graduate School. My panel said I was good and that I'm okay for teaching. But what I was really looking for was the exact phrase, "You're hired". A friend who was given a few teaching loads recently, said that was it --- I'm hired. And one of the panel told me that the office will just call me for my load. So, it does mean I'm hired, right? I'm still a little confused (boohoo); because as I said, I was looking for the "You're hired" dialogue and all that. So now I'm praying that I'll be given my first teaching load soon.

I think I need a new environment. The normalcy of daily living has become monotonous.