Mar 8, 2010

My Take On The Ruffa-Kris Issue

I got so curious about this latest buzz that I found myself watching and reviewing the YouTube video of The Buzz that Sunday, where it all started.

Just an opinion.

The conversation was open and no one hit below the belt. The way I see it, there occurred no 'pambabara'. I heard no rude comments or hit-backs from Kris. It was an all-good, fierce but fair, exchange of thoughts. Everyone, even Ruffa, pitched-in their point of view.

Let me quote some lines of a blog post by DJ Mo Twister, which was reblogged by

"Just a few days ago she told me personally that the working environment there is uncomfortable and at times a power struggle or a over display of "power" which almost makes it unbearable. So it's not a surprise to me that she is leaving."

Here is my two-cents worth of this. If she (Ruffa) feels there is a 'power struggle' in the working atmosphere, she should step-up her game and compete, too. Channel the energy positively, that's it. This is a competitive world, and to survive, especially in their industry, one must showcase the very best of his/her capabilities and seek further advancement. Theirs is an awfully cutthroat trade, so to withstand everything that comes along, showbiz people really have to stand the pace. And if the display of power is agonizing, let's go to the cliched saying everyone in show-business always quote: "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen".

Annabelle Rama's reaction, I totally understand, though the display was quite callow and gauche. She is a mother, and every mother feels the hurt their offspring bears. And I agree with Jobert Sucaldito's statement, when he said that Kris did nothing wrong.

That's all.

Just my judgment though. :D